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CARROT machining

CARROT cases

Raw material receivingBeating and grinding
Fruit pool (provided by customers)Single beating
SiloDouble beating
Raw material pretreatmentCell grinding
Scraper liftSeparate
Roller brush cleaningSettling horizontal spiral centrifugation
U-brush cleaningDisc centrifugation
Bubble cleaningTank group equipment
Net belt fruit and vegetable transportation (belt selection)Low groove
Spiral conveyingJuice temporary storage tank
PeelingJuice adjustment tank
Steam PeelerEvaporation concentration
Peeling with u-brush Low temperature short time falling film evaporation
Peeling with roller brushPlate evaporation
CrushingMVR falling film evaporation
Hammer crushing of stainless steelPlate sterilization
Stainless steel serrated blade for fruit and vegetable crushing Single head big barrel aseptic filling
Heating of fruit pulpSterilization and filling
Simple pulp heating Double head big barrel aseptic filling
Tubular pulp heatingTube sterilization
Casing type pulp heatingCIP cleaning

Simple CIP cleaning

Three tank automatic CIP cleaning

Four tank automatic CIP cleaning

CARROT Processing flow

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