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Drying technology

The drying process of jujube includes four stages: rising speed, constant speed, falling speed and cooling.


The state of jujube in different stages


According to the characteristics of the drying equipment developed by the low temperature hot air drying technology:

The key problems to be solved by the dryer are uneven drying, low automation and curve realization.

Drying of red dates as an example

There are four stages in drying and dehydrating process of jujube (as shown in the figure). It is necessary to realize subsection drying process, temperature control and precipitation in different periods, and realize baking curve.


Intelligent drying software

Intelligent control is realized, PLC control, touch screen or industrial computer operation, automatic generation of drying temperature and humidity curve, automatic control of drying process, memory of drying historical data, storage of mature process data, automatic fault alarm, monitoring of material flow in and out of the front and rear sections, etc.