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TOMATO machining

TOMATO cases

Net belt fruit and vegetable transportation (belt selection)Simple heating of fruit pulp
Material acceptance and temporary storageTank group pipeline
Fruit pool (provided by customers)Juice temporary storage tank
Raw material pretreatmentJuice adjustment tank
Bubble cleaningEvaporation concentration
Brush cleaningForced circulation evaporation
Roller fruit and vegetable transportation (belt selection)Sterilization and filling
Casing sterilization
Scum temporary storage binTube sterilization
FractureSingle head big barrel aseptic filling
Hammer crushing of stainless steelDouble head big barrel aseptic filling
Heating of fruit pulpCIP cleaning system
Simple CIP cleaning
Casing heatingThree tank automatic CIP cleaning
Tubular heating of fruit pulpFour tank automatic CIP cleaning
Double beating

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