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CITRUS machining

CITRUS cases

Raw material temporary storageSeparation and refining
Fruit pool (provided by customers)Spin separation
Raw fruit storageScraper refining
Raw material pretreatmentSpiral refining
Crushed raw materialsDisc separator
Separation of pulp and seedCIP cleaning system
Seed collection and transportationSimple CIP cleaning
Juice temporary storage tankThree tank automatic CIP cleaning

Raw material temporary storageSeparation and refining
Fruit pool (provided by customers)Disc separator
Raw fruit storageSelf-priming return pump
Raw material pretreatmentEvaporation concentration
Scraper elevatorLow temperature short time falling film evaporation
Brush type washerSterilization and filling
Roller ConveyorTube sterilization
Bubble Fruit WashwerDouble head big barrel aseptic filling
Extract the oil before juicingLime method to extract oil
Vibrating Needle-type oil grinding machineCalcification pool
Disc separator Filter tank
Essential oil temporary storage tankScraper conveyor
JuicingFloating scum
Belt fruit size classificationDisc separator
Inclined belt feedingDistillation to extract oil
Bowl Type Citrus Juice ExtractorDistilled essential oil extraction
Juice temporary storage tankSeed extraction
Scraper refiningSeparation of pulp and seed

CITRUS Processing flow

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